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About Us

Constructing Customized Solutions

The country is wonderful, however technology options are very limted due to the terrain. Having grown up in the country we understand the importance keeping up with technology, and making sure that nature isn't disrupted. We offer a customized technology solution to help make life easier and allow you to create the smart ranch that fits your needs.

Technology Consulting

Sometimes you just have questions about your options for technology in the country, or you've found a product that you think will work for what you need but your not 100% sure if it's the right product. We are happy to discuss your options and help figure out what that the right product is for you.

Current Product Development

Currently we are constructing a wireless network on a ranch so that we can install surveillance cameras at all of the deer blinds so that footage can be web based and accessed at any time. The current process to obtain information like this is to set up cameras that have no web access at the blinds and manually program them to take photos. Our customer goes out to the deer blind, sets up the cameras, and then when they want the information they must go physically pick the cameras up, download the photos and flip through the data. By setting up the wireless network and cameras we will be eliminating all of the wasted setup and take down time from the process and our customer will be able to just focus on the data and not worry about retrieving it. Since the data will be web based, they will be able to access it at any time, and from anywhere in the world.


Network Support & Maintenance

We can set up and maintain your terrain technology solutions, or help troubleshoot and maintain your existing network. 

IT Support

Available to consult with you or your staff when problems arise with your products. Available for remote or on-site assistance.


We can create and send reports on information that is being recorded with your terrain technology solutions. 

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